We Design Thoughtfully Curated Events

With so many options available to you, you’ve found your way here. That’s because you want to feel something you’ve never felt before. It’s because your wedding is about more than replicating something you’ve seen but about creating a unique space that reflects your personal style and soul, creating an experience that becomes more than an evening out, but an unforgettable experience, marking this moment in time forever. I strive for my designs to connect with every person in the room. My job is to take your inspiration and ideas and transform them into an environment unlike anything you or your guests have ever seen.

Event styling is a calling. It is a passion, not a profession and I love every moment of it! I understand that this process is confusing and can be overwhelming. The options are never ending and the stakes are high. With over a decade of experience and going through this process myself as a bride, I will ensure your design process is fun, exciting, stress-free and personal without skipping a single detail. I know that you don’t want your wedding to be normal, but remarkable and I am here to make sure your wildest design dreams come true! Moments such as these are precious and come but once in a lifetime. The opportunity to design your special space is an honor and a privilege.

Let me lead you through my world of beauty and magic, where a backyard barn can be transformed into a whimsical enchanted forest, a ballroom transitions to a sparkling, glamorous wonderland and a bare tent structure becomes an intimate, glowing masterpiece complete with the perfect splash of modern sensibility. The creation of a space goes far beyond florals to a multi-layered feast for the senses. Each of my events are textured in curated elements and concepts. I will take you on a journey from initial inspiration and color choice to the design of a thoughtfully inspired environment drenched in timeless beauty. Let me inspire you, dazzle you with possibilities, and create an environment you only dreamed of.

How a stylist differs from a coordinator

Wedding planners organize, source, manage, check, control and trouble-shoot everything that needs to be done before, during and oftentimes even after the wedding day. A stylist’s role is purely aesthetic, has a design background and is responsible for evoking that special “feeling” that you want your attendees to feel. We are mood makers. With passionate creativity, artistic flair, and a unique appreciation for fine arts, we approach your event concept with the goal of reflecting you as a couple and encapsulating your distinct style and character, whether a lavish feast or an intimate elopement. We’ll choose colors and fabrics, create the ambiance, style the tablescape, create focal points throughout the event and more. After you choose a venue, let us treat it as a beautiful blank canvas and reinvent the space to make it uniquely yours. We know all the tricks of the trade and hone in on where it is important to spend and where it isn’t necessary to achieve your look.

Our process

We use highly customized and detailed questionnaires to get to know your unique style and our decade of experience in designing events to thoughtfully curate customized environments to reflect your desired aesthetic. Our process covers color, texture and style boards, plates, flatware, goblets, glassware, linens, napkins, unique embellishments, layouts, installation creation, lighting, lounge vignette, menus and more (depending upon which package is chosen). You will be given an in-depth look book to take with you to vendor meetings and to give to your selected wedding team to you can ensure everything will be consistent.

We’d love to learn about the specific needs of your event so we can make the best recommendations for you.