Our process is highly personalized and customized to each client and each unique aesthetic. We truly put our heart and soul into each and every client we have the honor of working with. Because every small detail is of the utmost importance to us, we are proud to say that we do not take more than one event a day, and a limited number of events per year.

We offer many services that are unique to our company, such as hand sketched renderings, large-scale event installations, custom event styling and custom fabrication of structures, backdrops, stands and anything else that could be dreamed up!


In order to ensure we are a good fit for your big day, the first step is to get to know one another! We want to know about your aesthetic, wedding goals, inspirations and your needs through a detailed questionnaire or through a quick conversation before setting up an in-person meeting, but more importantly, we want to get to know YOU.  What makes you unique?  What are you personally drawn to, whether it be a clipping from a magazine or an object found within your home, we want to know about it! The more information we receive, the more fabulous our first meeting will be, as we can be prepared for you with a bit of inspiration and unique ideas of our own!  It is not only important for you to love the look of your big day, but to love the people and the process leading up to it!


Our initial consultations are usually done either in person or through skype for our out-of-town clientele. Meetings normally take about an hour, but have been known to run longer or shorter.

During this meeting, it is encouraged that you bring images, inspiration or ideas you may have for your big day so we can get creative. Inspiration can be found through anything and does not have to be floral related. An example could be a kitchen tile you found at Home Depot that calls to you for some unknown reason (this happens to us all the time!).

It is important to note that through this first meeting, we will develop a very rough proposal and pricing structure, but that this is not set in stone. Not only is this flexible, it will most likely change throughout your design process as new imagery and inspiration comes to light.

This first meeting is really to gauge whether we both feel we are a good fit for one another and to lend perspective to pricing structures.


Once it is established that we both feel we are a good fit, we require a signed contract with a 30% retainer. At that point we begin customizing a bit further through meetings, drawings, and pictures.  Now the fun starts!



Weddings are an emotional time, we understand that every bride and/or groom wants their day to be absolute perfection.  We understand that inspiration will be found along the way and style may change accordingly, and we encourage this.  We like to say that weddings are a “moving” process that does not stop once a contract is signed.  We are always available to our clients via phone and email and would never dream of limiting how many times a client can call, revise their details/style, or email us.  Because we only take a single wedding per day, we pour our heart and soul into each and every wedding.  By the time of your big day, we are as excited as you are (well maybe not, but close!).

The day of your wedding, we take care of absolutely everything, from set up to clean up.  We arrive extra early and make sure everything is absolutely spectacular by the time you see it.  Our team stays until every candle is lit.  We normally stay through the ceremony and will be there to clean up any petals or transfer flowers to your reception (if this was discussed ahead of time).  We have a cleaning crew at the end of the evening that picks up all of our rental items.

We’d love to learn about the specific needs of your event so we can make the best recommendations for you.
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